UFO : military technology that is covered. WHY?

UFO stands for "unidentified flying object" or UFO mystery (not recognized). The term was first used to describe journalists mysterious unidentified flying object seen by Kenneth Arnold, i.e. nine objects flying in a formation at the top of Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. That event occurred on June 24, 1947. Since then, the term "UFO" influenced the imagination of many people.

The term BETA (a strange unidentified flying object) was introduced by the Chairman of the National Institute of Aviation and space (Lapan) era of the 1960s, RJ Salatun for this phenomenon.

military technology "UFO"
ufo in opening
The Haunebu Project
The project was worked on by some people who joined the SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4) and is led by Viktor Schauberger in 1939, who sought to make electro-magnetic-gravitic engine that was upgraded from Hans Coler's free energy machine into energy converter combined Van De Graaf generator and Marconi band vortex dynamo.

The goal of generating electromagnetic field rounds are able to affect gravity and shrink the mass ... The designs made by Thule. ..

The Haunebu I

Haunebu is built with a diameter of 25 meters, has a crew of 8 people and could reach amazing speeds 4800 km/h, but at lower elevations. Further enhancement allows the machine reached 17,000 km/h. Hold for as long as 18 hours of flying. To reject this remarkable temperature velocities special steel called Victalen. First flying in 1939 and have gone through 52 test flight!
The Haunebu II

In 1942, version Enormity haunebu II's 51 m diameter. Capable of carrying nine crew and was able to reach supersonic speeds ranging from 6000 up to 21000 km/h with duration of 55 hours of flying. Victalen pioneered by SS metallurgists

The Haunebu II Do-Stra (Dornier STRAtospharen Flugzeug/Stratospheric Aircraft)
UFo war Model is more refined, Haunebu II Do-Stra (Dornier STRAtospharen Flugzeug/Stratosfera Aircraft) have been tested. Two prototypes were built. Its diameter is 71 metres, capable of carrying 32 people. The aircraft was able to surpass the speed hipersonik 21,000 km/h. The Tender made to Junkers and Doenier but at the end of 1944, Dornier was elected. Have the ability to fly over the last 7 to 8 weeks.
the haunebu II DoSTRA

RFZ RundFlugZeug Discs
1934 – 1945
rfz series 1 2 3 4 5 6

Vril Series 1, 7, 9 Odin

UFO technology development after the completion of the second world war to date: UNKNOWN

Why would they hide UFO technology from us?The answer is probably going to sound silly for the first time to hear it. The idea of the New World Order is delivered by Bush's father, George h. w. Bush to the Congress on September 11, 1991, exactly 11 years before the WTC tragedy. Watch the youtube video below:

To reach the New World Order, world under one Government, they designed the drama UFO INVASION into the world, with countries that do not have a high military technology will have recourse to the UNITED NATIONS to lend a hand ..., and certainly with the Covenants agreed, these countries slowly fall into the traps of the new world, New World Order. Watch the youtube video below:

The word from Leo Zagami, who converted to Islam and former illuminati Leo Zagami: this is what We say: Crowley called gods (gods), someday we called her Angel (Angel) and in the other day, we called her "other designation" what is significant from the words of Leo Zagami?
The devil or Satan and their followers are constantly misleading people with a muslihatnya.

Leo Zagami: this is what We say: Crowley called gods (gods), someday we called her Angel (Angel) and in the other day, we called her "other designation"

Crowley: We called her gods (Pantheon)

Understand Gnostic (a lot of confidence in God) existed before Christianity appeared, and after Christianity emerged, Gnostic Christian life after menginfiltrasi at the time.

It is a symbol which God gives his power to Adam to Earth, where the fingers touching the finger of the Lord Adam almost, which illustrates that Adam can be similar to the Lord. The truth, this explanation comes from the teachings of the Bible have clarified where Satanism that Eve was deceived by the devil to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in order to be similar to the Lord.

Crowley: And in the other day, we called her "other designation"


The same FRAUD, at different TIMES.

UFO is a LIE

Since the 1960s, the number of people believe about the existence of extraterrestrials increase dramatically and multiply in this modern era. This confirmed their success and plans were made to: 1. Manipulate us to believe the existence of UFOS, 2. attacks against the UFO that will drive the rest of the world unite ECE fight "enemies", and then accept the New World Order (new world order).

Melvin Goodman, a senior analyst from the CIA in 1966-1986, has said:

"That's required is a custom to cover the story of Genesis actually. What will we do when there are people who see flying saucers that way and told reporters that they saw something very unusual, which flew out of the air base of Nevada? Frankly, this aircraft (Germany technology) is the origin of something then a lot of people see in the 50 's, 1954, 55, 56, the unidentified flying objects or UFOS. So the CIA was involved to encourage people to believe that they did see UFOS. Later the CIA and military help reporters to impress released this news to distract us, especially the residents in the area of the appearance of UFOS is, from what they see. "
 Cathy O'Brien talks about secret government and the National Security Act of 1947:
"The Government has a secret which they cover-cover from us and use that secret to manipulate us all. The bottom line, they are more advanced than we are at least 25 years in terms of technology, information, knowledge, and secrets that are used against us. For years I heard that the plan to ensure the formation of a new world order and makes everyone in America and around the world are powerless to prevent the emergence of that order. This is a plan of world domination by saying that we have been invaded by extraterrestrials. So we would say, "the UN, please act and help us." So, keep in mind that through the secrets of technology and information that are not their tell them to the public, there is a plan that was created to render the society being obedient, and all that is hidden under a blanket called National security laws. "
 The study of  UFO in Scripture
The Prophet said "I leave you two things, you won't get lost forever: the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his Prophet". So let us go back to what she had inherited the Prophet to us, to face the era that is full of these scams.
Al-Quran Al-Jatsiyah: 13 "God has subjected to you anything that is in heaven and on earth everything."

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