the 5 of Indonesian Culture Began Missing

We as a virtuous indonesian person certainly knows the culture which will be discussed, but later we can see, feel (maybe even experienced) begin to decline. So, we try to raise that You want to restore our culture, a culture indeed!

1. Kiss the hand in the elderly
It is the duty of children to parents when wanting to go to school or farewell to another place. Actually this is important, in addition to instill a sense of the tablets of our love just one parent, Kiss the hand of it as a sign of respect and gratitude we are same them, have you guys kissing the hands of parents today?

2. use of your right hand
When abroad anyway, I think it is not a problem with the use of the right or left hand well, but this is not our culture. Our culture is taught to shake hands, give the goods, or to eat using the right hand.  (unless it is in the anugerahi custom left-handed since birth).

3. Smile and Say HelloIt's really really VERY Indonesia ! It used to be our nation's image is identical to the friendly smiles. So, don't get lost, Yes! there's no hurt if do we this, thats also beneficial to our own. Because the smile that worship and said it was increasing familiarity with the surrounding us.

4. Deliberations / Musyawarah
Another culture that is rarely found especially in big cities like Jakarta. Most of the residents in major cities are only worried about his ego, respectively, show off, showing off, want to be the leader of the Group and even like vigilantism. But let us see the villages that are still using these cultures they lived peace and trust, there is no such thing as mutual forms and drop, all differences in the aim for deliberation and consensus. So you should feel a ' still ' young should preserve this culture for the sake of continuity of the State of Indonesia that peace loving.

5. Mutual Assistance"thats not my business!", "like i care", Whats up bro? What is it with you guys? come on .. we all as the younger generation began to cause more sympathy with the help of attention, because with our nation's habbit as it could be independent when the captivity, there's no feeling suspicious, and it used to be our Union is strong.

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