Photo Evidence Of Osama Bin Laden, Member's Of CIA

Photo evidence of Osama bin Laden CIA Members A surprising news broke about the familiarity between the U.S. secret service, CIA by someone whose name arose after the events of September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden. According to the Times, bin Laden was a CIA agent. He was given the best training, intelligence, weapons and a myriad of money facilities over the years.

If it is true that bin Laden was a CIA agent, then the rocket attacks are launched AS to Afghanistan may be not to destroy bin Laden and his supporters, however, an attack aimed at building the image of bin Laden and made him revered among Muslims who oppose the U.S. Government.

Other strong allegations that chore new bin Laden is to be used as a pretext for US attack pembenar. For example, when bin Laden rumored to be in Afghanistan, the US has a reason pembenar to bombard the country under the pretext of the war on terror, the war slogans echoed by the leadership of George w. Bush. The US can also bombed another country with a reason to go after bin Laden.

Mentioned that the guerrillas who were fighting the Soviet Union with the support of the CIA, now fight in a group of bin Laden. So, people who are referred to AS the worst terrorist in the world, in fact, the people building the US alone.

First, when bin Laden and his colleagues fought with CIA support, they are referred to as the "resistance forces", a nickname for them now is replaced by the us of being "terrorists".

Not without cause, with the nickname change, then each time the U.S. Government or any country pointing fingers group associated with such persons, AS can simply blow up groups or the country in question, without having to wait for the meeting of the UNITED NATIONS, without the need for evidence.

Iraq is an exception, because it does not comply with the slogan of the war on terror than Bush. The US cannot show evidence that the late Saddam Hussein had links with bin Laden, so the US could not have attacked Iraq under the pretext of terrorism. Therefore, AS concocted a new reason, namely weapons of mass destruction. Bush then flashes a warning to Iraq, "If you guys continue to develop weapons of mass destruction and terrorizing the world, then you guys will we attack." A reporter refute Bush's words, because at the time before the U.s. Congress, giving a speech he had absolutely no mention of weapons of mass destruction. Bush responded with a lightly, "part of the war against terror was to eliminate terrorist weapons in order not to fall into the country that will use it." With such reasons, Bush invaded Iraq.

Osama bin Laden is reported to have died at least in December 2001, so says (former) leader of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf and a host of other characters, including the late Benazir Bhutto (who was later murdered, many suspected that the assassination of Bhutto masterminded by the CIA), however, Osama reappeared – either in the recorded video or sound recording – in good health.

Various sound recordings and videos of bin Laden's most likely delivered by a "spokesperson" of al-Qaeda, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, who was born as a Jew by the name Adam Pearlman. Adam grew up as the grandson of Jewish organizations, Director of the ADL (the League's Anti-Desecration) as well as a lawyer Israel, Carl Pearlman.

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